MA. EP "Sociology"


6 Methods of teaching Sociology in high school Sudakov V. I.
6 Modern problems of social scienсe (Актуальні проблеми соціальної науки) Babenko S. S.
6 Research Design Savelyev Y. B.
6 Social Structure, Stratification and Mobility (MA research seminar) Kutsenko O. D.
MS: Methods of empirical sociological research
6 Methodology and methods of sociological research (research master's workshop) Savelyev Y. B.
6 Data analysis in R Sydorov M. V.
6 Math bases of analisys of social processes Sydorov M. V.
6 Modeling and forecasting of social processes Sydorov M. V.
6 Modern methods of text analysis Yuzva L. L.
6 Qualitative interviews in sociological research Oliinyk O. V.
6 Research paradigms in social sciences Sobolevska M. O.
6 Social Network Analysis Savelyev Y. B.
6 The theory and methods of causality in sociology Gorbachyk A. P.
MS: Modern Sociological Theory
6 Neofunctionalist and poststructuralist sociological theories Males L. V.
6 Reflex processes in modern theoretical sociology Sobolevska M. O.
6 Social phenomenology Zlobina O. G.
6 Sociological theories of globalization and evolution Tsymbal T. V.
6 Sociological theories of social order Sobolevska M. O.
6 Sociology of postmodern Males L. V.
6 Thematic directions of sociological theory development (master's research seminar) Sobolevska M. O.
6 Theories of sociocultural and gender identity Males L. V.
MS: Sociological Policy Expertise
6 Sociological support for political campaigns Borovskyy O. O.
MS: Sociology of Mass Communication
6 Research technologies in the sociology of mass communication (master's research seminar) Yakovenko Y. I.
6 Sociological theories of mass communication Petrenko-Lysak A. O.
6 Sociology of business communications Chudovska I. A.
6 Sociology of international relations Tarabukin Y. O.
6 Sociology of language Yakovenko Y. I.
6 Sociology of political communications Borovskyy O. O.
6 Sociology of the symbol Yakovenko Y. I.
6 System analysis in sociology Tulenkov M. V.
6 The theory of socio-cultural communications Sobolevska M. O.
MS: Sociology of Socio-Cultural Sphere
6 Sociology of leisure and entertainment Tsymbalyuk N. M.
6 Sociology of religion Shelukhin V. A.
6 Sociology of Social Work Petrenko-Lysak A. O.

Common charasteristics of Educational Program MA Sociology

Speciality 054 «Sociology»
Educational program «Sociology»
Type of program:  scientific-educational
Degree: «M.A. Sociology»
Semesters:     4
ECTS:    120
Language: ukrainian, english